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Legislative Action to Reduce Plastic

Plastic Reduction Bills for 2023-2024
Supported by Beyond Plastics Greater Boston and Green Hudson

An Act to Expand the Bottle Bill. S.2104 and H.3690
Sponsored by Senator Cynthia Creem & Rep. Marjorie Decker

An Act to Skip the Stuff to Reduce Restaurant Waste. H. 766
Sponsored by Rep. Michelle L. Ciccolo

An Act to Reduce Plastics. S.570/H.882 
Sponsored by Senator Becca Rausch and Rep. Ted Philips

An Act to Reduce Single Use Plastics from the Environment. S. 525 and H.767
Sponsored by Senator Jason Lewis and Rep. Michelle Ciccolo

An Act Prohibiting State and Municipal Contracts from the Purchase And Installation of Artificial Turf Fields. S. 2057 and H. 958
Sponsored by Senator Marc Pacheco and Rep. Carmine Gentile

An Act to Restrict the Use of Polystyrene. H.3627 and S.1328
Sponsored by Rep. Marjorie Decker and Senator Michale Barrett.

An Act Relative to Plastic Bag Reduction S. 477 and H. 784, sponsored by Senator James
Eldridge and Representative Mindy Domb.

Single Use Plastic Ban

Information Session, October 20, 2019

Sierra Club Endorsement